Bridge to Your Event

Learn how the SportsPITTSBURGH team brings events to life in Pittsburgh!

1. Research sports event and connect with the event planner. 

The first step in successfully hosting an event in Pittsburgh is to identify organizations that are looking for an event host destination. Examples of these organizations, also known as event rights holders, include the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of the U.S. Olympic Committee, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and many other organizations. Their events can range in size, participant age and athletic ability.

Once our team identifies a potential event, we connect directly with the planner to learn more about the hosting requirements. We also ensure the event meets our main objective – injecting new money into the local economy. Throughout the year, we take advantage of opportunities to connect with new and current clients during sports-event focused meetings and conferences.

2. Engage Pittsburgh Local Organizing Committee and sports-specific experts to submit a bid proposal. 

After learning more about the event and confirming that Pittsburgh has the right mix of competition venues, sport-specific expertise and other event needs, we engage the Pittsburgh Local Organizing Committee (PGH LOC), comprised of community stakeholders that can support all aspects of the event. The PGH LOC typically includes representatives from the offices of the mayor and county executive, the main competition venue(s), local host partners such as university athletic departments and local clubs that compete in the same sport.

This group comes together and builds a comprehensive bid proposal to submit to the client. The bid proposal can include, but is not limited to, venue details, operations, marketing and ticket sales plans, special events and an overall event budget. 

3. Invite client and organization leaders to Pittsburgh for a site visit. 

Once the bid proposal is submitted, and Pittsburgh is chosen to move forward in the bidding process, the event rights holder may request a site visit. During the site visit, our team leads members of the event staff and board of directors on comprehensive tours of the proposed competition venues, hotels and special event facilities to verify that Pittsburgh is well suited to host their event. The planners also will meet with local partners and PGH LOC members to discuss operations and logistics, marketing plans and special events. The staff and PGH LOC will regroup to update the original proposal based on feedback during the site visit.

4. Finalize the operations plan with an emphasis on hosting a successful event. 

Once Pittsburgh is selected to host an event, the PGH LOC will develop a comprehensive operations plan. This plan will feature the PGH Commitment and best practices to ensure the event meets state and local requirements for a safe and healthy event.

5. Execute event marketing and ticket sales plans. 

The marketing and ticket sales plans are a crucial part to the success of many sports events. Our team, including the PGH LOC, creates unique, engaging and proven plans that are tailored to every sports event. In some cases, these plans are built and executed years in advance to generate awareness and excitement of the event. 

6. Welcome event attendees and create Iconic Experiences. 

We strive to provide Iconic Experiences to the fans, athletes, staff and media throughout their time in Pittsburgh. After years of planning the event, we enjoy welcoming the staff, fans and participants to the City of Champions!   

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