1. Friday, Apr 03

    High of 61°F / Low of 37°F
    1% chance of rain
    Clear throughout the day.
  2. Saturday, Apr 04

    High of 63°F / Low of 41°F
    7% chance of rain
    Partly cloudy throughout the day.
  3. Sunday, Apr 05

    High of 60°F / Low of 49°F
    14% chance of rain
    Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
  4. Monday, Apr 06

    High of 68°F / Low of 41°F
    23% chance of rain
    Possible light rain overnight.
  5. Tuesday, Apr 07

    High of 68°F / Low of 54°F
    90% chance of rain
    Light rain until morning, starting again in the evening.
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