Steel City Improv Festival

This event has already finished but is here for your information.

2019 22 Sep

Steel City Improv Festival

The Steel City Improv Festival features improv comedy Teams from all over the US and Canada for 4 days of hilarious improv comedy.

Don't miss Headliners: Devil's Daughter (Chicago, IL), The Raving Jaynes (New York, New York), and Pearl (Los Angeles, CA)! Night passes between $10-$15 in advance online.


Thursday 9/19 | Venue: Steel City Improv Theater

7pm: Fancy Boys, Some Kind of Felony, Bright Invention,

8:30pm: My Dog Carl, Scorned Chefs, and Strong Toddler

Friday 9/20 | Venue: Bricolage Production Company

6pm: Short Term Memory, Alone in A Church, The Legend of Bagger Vance

7:30pm: Gentleman’s Falcon (Chicago), Mercy Santos (NYC), Devil’s Daughter (Chicago),

9:30pm: The Union (Pittsburgh), Jaymes Gretchky (Chicago), Hotel nowhere (Pittsburgh), and the Raving Jaynes (NYC)

Saturday 9/21 | Venue: Bricolage Production Company

6:00pm: The Fearless Fools, Here on Purpose, Immediate Gratification Players (IGP)

7:30pm: 4D Thieves (NYC), Poster Boys (Chicago), Pearl (Los Angeles),

9:30pm: Gentleman Frog (Toronto), Mike & His Friends Save The World (Boston), and Devil’s Daughter (Chicago)

Sunday 9/22 | Venue: Steel City Improv Theater

6pm: Pluto’s Petition, Long Story Short, The Butcher and the Bi,

7:30pm: Deep Eye Contact, The Deep End, Rickey Romance

9:00pm: Crocodile’s Dilemma, The Shadows, and Classy & Relevant.

For specific team information check out our webpage at
Official Festival Website: https://www.steelcityimprovfes...